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Classic Cars & Racing goes to the Rallies!

The 2005 Great Race
The CC&R Rally Team began the 2005 Great Race as complete novices but gained valuable experience that should help their entry in the 2006 event.

After more than 4,200 miles of rallying, Uli noted “the 1957 Nash Rambler Cross Country station wagon performed admirably. Our Master Mechanic, David, made sure that the car did not break down once, not counting the air conditioning.”

After 14 days of strenuous competition the CC&R team finished 47th out of 100 starters.

The Great Race 2005

The Great Race 2005

Master Mechanic David

The 2006 Great Race
For 2006, the CC&R Rally Team will be entering a 1955 Studebaker President Coupe. The 2006 Great Race will start in Philadelphia and the finish line is in the Bay Area in San Rafael.

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